Monday, March 18, 2013

SLJ BoB: Temple Grandin vs. The Fault in Our Stars

Two very deserving books that I read and loved faced off on Friday.  One came away the victor and the other went out to pasture*.  Judge Deb Caletti once again said wonderful things about the two titles.  And then, like most commentators guessed she would, she let Temple down easy.   But hold the phone! Can you believe how many authors and bloggers and people who you'd expect to read John Green (you know, what with all his critical acclaim and how beloved he and his books are to teens) haven't even cracked one of his books?  Thank goodness that's remedied.

1 4 Temple Fault Round 1, Match 4: The Fault in Our Stars vs Temple Grandin

I was going to save this one for when/if TFIOS gets knocked out, but then I couldn't think of a different song to use, so, well, this is all I've got.  But don't worry Temple, "it's not your fault."

Monday's match (Round 1, Match 4) will be judged by Mr. Cutie Pie Fairytale himself, Adam Gidwitz.  Jepp, Who Defied the Stars will try to outshine Starry River of the Sky.  But I think Grace Lin's Chinese folktale's got this one.  I mean, it's a folktale.  And Gidwitz is judging.  He can't possibly choose little people over traditional tales, can he?  I think it's against his personal moral code.  Or at least it should be.

* Yes, I did just do that.

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