Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SLJ BoB: Prediction for Moonbird vs. Seraphina

Eek!  It's a busy week, and I was just about to accidentally read the blog post on Moonbird vs. Seraphina without having given a prediction.  So lemme do that right now: Moonbird.  Why?  Because it was nonfiction that drew you in right away with a "personal" story and made you keep reading to find out whether or not we would see little Moonbird again.  And oh, how you wanted to and how worried you were that you wouldn't.  Not that Seraphina wasn't good, or even great.  But it just wasn't as magical as Moonbird. And when you're comparing a nonfiction book to a fantasy book, and the nonfiction title is the one you call magical...well, that's the clincher for me.

And I'll be back later with some music.

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  1. Alicia! I've been reading your blog once again and now have an excessively long list of books TBR. I'll get back to you once I finish the last 50 pages of Days of Blood and Starlight.