Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SLJ BoB: Splendors and Glooms vs. Liar and Spy

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important post! Another correctly predicted match in the SLJ BoB.  Just like Taylor ham and cheese, I'm on a roll.  Whattup!?

That's right.  After counting up the many ways that she loved each book, judge Franny Billingsley chose the one her child self would have chosen: Splendors and Glooms.  Which, if you've read her book, Chime, makes a lot of sense.  They're both dark and magical, beautiful and haunting.

Sorry Liar and Spy.  You may be a sneaky peeker, but you did not win this round.  Still, we'll watch our backs knowing you're out there...waiting...watching...looking to come back.

I already gave a quick and dirty prediction for the Moonbird vs. Seraphina this morning, so I won't belabor that.  I chose Moonbird.   And I'll post about what the judge chose tomorrow morning.

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