Friday, January 9, 2009

Twilight Zone: New Moon, Old Jacob

Teens, tweens and adults who live vicariously through Young Adult Fiction* will be pleased to learn that Taylor Lautner will be reprising his role as Jacob Black in the New Moon sequel to Twilight movie. The news was reported on Stephenie Meyer's website on Wednesday. My sincerest apologies (as a member of Team Jacob) for the delay in posting the good news.

Director Chris Weitz was originally unsure if Taylor would have the heft to pull off the role, (since New Moon sees Jacob grow to over 6 feet of strapping muscle man/wolf), and Twi-hards were sent into a panicked frenzy. Happily, he decided to keep him on, and peace has returned to the land. I'm guessing Taylor's going to need to hit the gym as part of his contract and can only hope he'll bring skinny scrawny Robert Pattinson along with him.

*With small amounts of personal shame I count myself among these folks, noting that I fully recognize the absence of literary value and lack of editing evident in the Twilight series. I am not obsessed. Rather, I have a healthy appreciation for the appeal of the series. And yes, there was that one time that I said I'd leave my husband for Edward Cullen, but I was confused and awash in overly long gushy descriptions of his fabulousness.


  1. I just saw this elsewhere on the interwebs, and was thinking you'd have an opinion on it! One of my initial thoughts after seeing the movie was that Jacob didn't seem to have any chemistry with Bella, especially in a movie whose visual convention seemed to be "similar skin color = right for each other." I'm glad they're keeping him though.

    The literary theory meta-model that I like to use says that all ways of looking at a text are equally valid. So, in the case of Twilight, I think it's a lot less interesting to talk about literary value, and a lot more interesting to talk about questions like: What makes this story so interesting to talk about?

  2. I think you're right about the lack of chemistry in Twilight, but I think that maybe that's because of the constant focus on Bella & Edward. It'll be interesting to see what they do with New Moon, as Edward is not in most of the story, and instead it's Jacob's time to shine. I was a fan of Taylor's original casting, so I'm hoping for good things.

  3. Um, I too have to admit to this shame. I shuddered at many a sentence in the book, but continued to read it. I had no idea why until I realized that I really just had a crush on Robert Pattinson and was using the book to as a vehicle to enable my fancy. I have since learned the error of my ways and promise to only mock Twilight in the future. I can always use Google Image to enable my crushing on an actor younger than me with poor hygiene.