Harry Potter Camp

In the summer of 2015, I created and directed a week-long Harry Potter Camp at my middle school through our SummerTimes program.  As a devout fan of the series who saw the fandom spread throughout my middle school and beyond, I thought it would be really cool if there was a way for fans to come together and experience Hogwarts and the excitement of Harry Potter firsthand, without needing to take a trip to Florida to visit Harry Potter World.

I've spent (and continue to spend) countless hours reading and re-reading the series to develop a schedule of activities that captures the essence of Harry Potter, trolling the internet for ideas to adapt, and putting it all together to create something really special.  And I'm pretty darn proud of it.

If you live in the Alexandria, VA area, are entering grades 5-9 and are interested in becoming a student at Hogwarts (or are a parent of a potential student), stay tuned for the details on summer 2016.

Harry Potter Camp Schedule and Activities
I realize that not every interested teen has the ability to come to my camp (pesky things like geography and limited availability of slots get in the way) and that other librarians, teachers and parents might not have the time or ability to put together something like this from scratch. Plus, I just really love this camp.  To share the awesomeness, I'm put all planning materials for the camp on my blog for FREE!

Please use these materials to create your own Harry Potter program, party or camp.  When you do, be nice and give me some credit! Send folks to my blog, recommend my activities (if you like them) and/or drop a comment to let me know.  Any suggestions or feedback you can give are also appreciated.

Harry Potter Camp Blog Posts

The Set Up
The Schedule
The Letter
The Sorting Ceremony

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