Monday, February 23, 2009

My First ARC!

I bring in the mail this afternoon and what to my wondering eyes should appear but an ARC for The Unknowns and the latest Marie Claire (pronounce it "clear" and it rhymes). I have no idea how this book found its way to me from Amulet Books, a division of Abrams Books, but receiving it has made my day! This is my first official ARC, and I was so excited by its arrival that I took a photograph:

According to the description on the back cover, it's an "unusual puzzle mystery." I am intrigued. I've got a bunch of reading to do before the GSTBA ballot voting this Friday, but then I'm going to crack this puppy open and dive in. Fantastic! And then I will finally start on my Printz Project. For real this time.

Update: Benedict Carey (author of The Unknowns) will be one of the authors at this year's NJ Statewide Children’s and Young Adult Author Conference on Friday, May 8th!


  1. I've not heard of this one yet--I hope it's good! It is sad when a book that arrives like this turns out not to be...

  2. I have high hopes - especially since the author will be at the NJ Statewide Children's and Young Adult Author Conference. I'm hoping to start the book this week. Fingers crossed!