Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Consider Yourself Part of the Furniture...

May I introduce to you the newest member of the LibrariYAn family: the card catalog!

Found on craigslist.org on Monday afternoon, this little bundle of joy measures a precious 3' x 3' x 2' and comes in at just over 10 lbs. LibrariYAn and catalog are doing well and are looking forward to coming home in the next few days (pick up has been arranged for Wednesday).

Every librarian thinks her card catalog is the cutest, but this one really caught my eye with its unique small stature and single row of drawers beneath pull out shelves. I see a living room in her future! And I know, it's been said a million times, but it's true: no librarian knows love until she owns one of these.


  1. It has officially been acquired by the Blowers/Giobbi campaign, and has been transported to its temporary home at the campaign's Virginia headquarters.

    A side note that I wasn't aware of, the former owner refinished it many years ago, so its in great shape.

  2. I totally wanted to buy one when i saw that Alexander was getting rid of theirs. sadly, there is no space in my tiny apartment for any more furniture.