Friday, March 27, 2009

Parade of Awesome: Spring/Summer 2009

This spring and summer I will be embarking on an adventure which will henceforth be known as the "Parade of Awesome." It is a parade of exciting personal ventures (many of which are library related and will be blogged about, but some that will not) that will take me around the country and across the globe.

Just what might such a "Parade of Awesome" include? I'm glad you asked. In date order, I bring you the the calendar of events...

April 4-5: Conference for my summer position as Director of Workshops and Resources (one of the Operations Director roles) at Teach For America's Chicago Institute (actual conference is in Houston, TX)

April 5-11: Maxing and relaxing with my family-in-law on Hilton Head Island, SC

April 13: Day of shadowing at the middle school where I will work next year in Alexandria, VA

April 16-17: Koha (open source library software) Conference in Plano, TX

April 24-26: Conference for my summer position as Director of Workshops and Resources at Teach For America's Chicago Institute in Chicago, IL

April 27-29: NJLA Conference in Long Branch, NJ (I'm totally pumped to be attending both the pre-conference on Tween Services and GSBA Luncheon with John Green; my excitement for all of the terrific NJLA YA Section programs is a given)

May 3: Half-Marathon in Long Branch, NJ (goal is sub 2 hours)

May 4-18: Belated HONEYMOON in Italy!

May 19: Rutgers SCILS Convocation (though perhaps by then it'll be the SCI Convocation)

May 20-25: Wedding and festivities for friends in Denver, Co

May 29: BookExpo America in New York, NY (I can feel the Catching Fire ARC in my hands now!)

June 5: Little brother's Rock-n-Roll wedding at the Madison Hotel (pretty!)

June 9-July 29: Rockin' out in the resource room with leveled readers, manipulatives, teaching guides and new teachers at Teach For America's Chicago Institute at our host university, Illinois Institute of Technology. (the photo is of one of last summer's resource rooms)

And then, in August, I'll probably do a few little things, like buy a house and move to Virginia.

Let the parade begin!


  1. I am also going to BookExpo, mostly to get Catching Fire :) We'll have to meet up for lunch or dinner one day. Stefan works about three blocks away.

  2. That sounds like a tiring parade of awesome. :)

    As for the convocation, it will be SCILS because the students graduating enrolled to SCILS, not SCI. I confirmed my degree and it says SCILS (or rather school of blahblahblah). When Rutgers raped my undergrad college my junior year, they still let me graduate with a Douglass College degree, even though it was already known as the residential campus where people get a degree in sass. Okay, okay, it was S.A.S, but whatevs.

    Long story short, if it's not SCILS then Rutgers has further lowered itself than previously thought possible.

  3. Keri - That would be awesome to meet up! I just got another preciously hoped for ARC - Kristin Cashore's Fire - in the mail today, but Catching Fire is the one I'm holding out for.

    Kristi(e) - Good to note. SCILS Forever!

  4. Alexandria VA? crazy mess! Mind if I ask what middle that is where I am from (and where I went to middle school). So you know i'm not some scary person, we had Collection Development together.

  5. Also, i'm dumb and just noticed that link.