Thursday, April 9, 2009

SLJ's Battle of the Books: Power to the People!

Last week I posted about SLJ's upcoming Battle of the Books (first round begins on April 13th) encouraging you to follow along. Since then, some exciting new twists have made this battle royale more interactive:

Peanut Gallery: Former college basketball stars often weigh-in on their predictions and provide assorted commentary throughout the NCAA tournament, so why shouldn't librarians and teens - and anyone else, for that matter! - get to contribute their two cents on which books should win and which judges are clearly being paid off? Share your thoughts in the comments section over at the BOB blog. I'll also be blogging my way through the tournament here as well, so stay tuned, and know that comments are always welcome!

People's Choice Poll: Stand up and be counted! Just because the judges are highly accomplished authors and professionals in the field of children's and young adult literature and decide the official outcome of this contest, and you, on the other hand, most likely, are not, doesn't mean your opinion won't be heard. Vote for your favorite book on the People's Choice Poll, and encourage your friends and other Hunger Games enthusiasts family to do the same! Remember, you can only vote once, so make sure you think long and hard about your selection before casting your vote. If you're HUNGRY, grab a snack, and think over who you really want to win the GAME. Don't rush the decision.

Library/School Pool: Everybody knows that gambling makes competition more exciting. Even the President of the United States had an NCAA bracket*. So gather your friends, students, teen patrons and/or co-workers, get them to fill out brackets, assign points, keep score, and make this competition interesting!

* Yes, ALA President James Rettig, YALSA President Sarah Cornish Debraski and ALSC President Pat Scales, I'll be looking for your brackets as well!

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