Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Twilight Zone: New Moon Trailer

You've probably seen this elsewhere already, as it's been on the interwebs for at least a good 24 hours, which is like weeks in back in the 20th century, but...

The Acting: Still pretty bad (at least on RPatz and KStewart's behalves)
The Budget: Cleary improved, even from this short trailer
The Jacob: From cute to hot (and now shirtless)
The Verdict: I'm still going to see it opening weekend


  1. Wow, this trailer is so... Interesting?
    I love how Kristin Stewart arches an eyebrow when she says, "kiss me". It's just so random!
    Jacob the wolf? Wow, he's not very big, is he.
    I hate the Twilight books... But I'll probably be seeing this opening night. Great find!

  2. Jacob=hot. I'm so happy he got rid of that wig--it was ridiculous, appearance-wise.
    Everything else was, as you said, still pretty bad, especially the parts with Bella and Edward.

  3. Aha, the acting is so terrible it almost makes me chuckle, but I gag instead... Oof. Terrible series, worse movies... I'll probably have to see this.

  4. Yay! Someone who shares my opinions! Robert Pattinson bothers me SO much, he seems repulsed be her all the time...and I agree that the budget is better by the looks of it (there's actual color!)....and I'll still be going to see it, even with the bad acting.