Saturday, October 24, 2009

Twilight Zone: Bella and Edward Turn into Pumpkins

It's not exactly like when the stage coach in Cinderella turned into a pumpkin at midnight. Rather, the celebrity pumpkin carvings are actually kinda creepy. Artistic sure, but creepy.

And in an unrelated bit of Twilight news, Twilight will be re-releasing in theaters in anticipation of New Moon's release. Should be a big money maker, but I'm hearing frustration from librarians who purchased special one-time performance rights to show Twilight at programs this fall and recently learned that Summit pulled the public performance rights for November and December. I've been searching around for any official notice about this, but none to be found (at least by me).


  1. Wow, that's really crappy of them. I know I was trying to convince the YA Librarian to do a Twilight party in anticipation of New Moon. I guess we'll be scrapping that plan.

    Honestly it comes off as really opportunistic money-grubbing on the part of Summit. Couldn't they have allowed libraries to do public performances (especially in the current economy)?

  2. Aren't Summit quite a low budget company? If Twilight is anything to go by I think they are. They could probably do with the extra money, although I predict they will get a lot of money from New Moon.

    I don't realy understand the librarian bit about buying on-time performane rights to show it at programs? I don't get what you mean by programs? As in a TV channel?

    Oh and the pumpkin part, some are quite good and some are really... awful. One of them really does look like a character from Lord of the Rings. Although I think I'd have difficulty trying to do a simple smiley face on a pumpkin.

  3. Kate - to explain the library part. A lot of libraries planned teen programs where they would screen the movie and do an arts & crafts project. To screen it in front of a "public" audience (i.e. library crowd), you need to pay a special licensing fee, which I think was around $100 for Twilight. What I don't know is whether they're simply refunding the money to the people who bought licenses or putting it as a "credit" or not giving any compensation at all. Anyone know?

    And you're right about those pumpkins. I could certainly never make anything that intricate, so mad props to the artists. That being said, they are a bit creepy and some not as "spot on."