Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Cybils are Coming!

It's that time again!  Yes, yes, back to school...but also time to volunteer to become a judge for the Cybils!

If you are a book blogger and feel confident in your ability to read nominee books until your vision goes blurry, and then blog about what you've read, read fellow judges blogs to see their takes and finally make some tough decisions about which books are the tops, then there may be an opening for you.  Stop by the website for the full details.

While you're there, check out last year's winners.  I was lucky enough to serve as a first-round judge for the middle grade and young adult nonfiction category.  I found it an amazing opportunity to get greater exposure to popular nonfiction titles AND a great way to find authors whose works might be great additions to my middle school collection.  And of course, I blogged. A bunch.  And it was great!

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