Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Breaking News: Libraries Have eBooks

This just in: You can check out ebooks from your public library!

I know, I know, it's shocking.  Utterly shocking.  Or it would be if this was about 5 years ago.  Anyone who has been to a public library and/or even visited a public library's web page would know that ebooks have been available for quite some time.  The students at my school already knew, but Wall Street Journal readers just found out.  Today. (Well, okay, yesterday.)

My favorite line from the article is one where she explains that, just like regular books in libraries, there's a possibility that the ebook you want will be checked out, and you'll have to wait.  The author continues, "The idea of waiting for a book with many people lined up to borrow it is enough to inspire even some of the most frugal readers to cough up the dough to buy digital books."  Seriously?  It is THAT important to have Girl With a Dragon Tattoo RIGHT NOW!?!?! Can't you just check out something else (a classic, perhaps?) in the meantime and wait a few weeks?  She also doesn't like that Overdrive shows you the entire library catalog (you know, so you could -GASP! - put something on hold if it wasn't readily available), not just what's currently available for checkout.

People who don't know much about libraries make me chuckle.

ETA: Thanks to EarlyWord for pointing me to the WSJ post!  In the midst of my rant, I forgot to credit.  Shame on me.

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