Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hunger Games: Teens on Jeopardy Disappoint

If you're a loyal Jeopardy watcher like I am, then you were watching last night when NO ONE knew the answer the question about the title of the third book in Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy.  One contestant tried, but he stumbled out "Mockingbird" before quickly adding "Jay!"  No money for him, and it's anyone's guess, so, sneaky blonde-haired-girl confidently answered "Mockingjay."  She lucked out there, but I can't believe this wasn't a question where everyone was on the clicker trying to ring in as fast as possible.  Where does Jeopardy find these kids?

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1 comment:

  1. I usually watch Jeopardy with my family but we find the teen tournaments too easy, and therefore not as much fun. So we weren't watching last night - what was the clue whose answer was "Mockingjay"? (Did it just ask what the third Hunger Games book was, or was it one of those more complicated clues?)

    To answer your question: I think it's still the case (and I think we talked about this in class, based on the teen interviews folks did) that teens who consider themselves academically-oriented tend to consider YA lit as fluff that's beneath them - they read *real* books, as they'd say. This is, of course, an unfortunate overgeneralization - but in some ways an inevitable one, if teen readers equate YA lit with, say, the Sweet Valley High books that their parents (or, eep, even grandparents) might have read.

    - Jill