Thursday, February 3, 2011

Looking Good: LibrariYAn's Wishlist

Everyone knows that a good librarian knows the collection, is master of the databases, and can find almost anything on the internet faster than you can say "I already tried Google."  But to be a LibrariYAn, you must also look great doing it.  It's about halfway between Christmas and my birthday, and it's cold outside, so I've been spending some time browsing the internet and compiling a wishlist.

This dress from Etsy needs to be owned by me.  It even kinda looks like the girl is standing on a pile of books!

Of course this dress would SELL OUT after I fell in love with it on Mod Cloth last night.  It may be called the "Art Instructor" dress, but I think it's perfect for a librarian as well.  Perhaps paired with these Library Science heels? (To be honest though, I'd probably wear it with cute ballet flats.)

I've been stalking Ikabags for quite some time now, trying to figure out which one to purchase.  They're perfect!  Lots of pockets and plenty of space for a book or two (or ereader...someday).  Plus, they're handmade and so stylish.  But which one do I want?

I'm also kind of in love with this jewelry from Aroha Silhouettes, including this necklace, made from reclaimed vinyl records, and optical illusion pin.

If only my salary as a middle school librarian permitted these purchases...

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