Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Books Under 200 Pages

If your library is anything like mine, there's always a few people for whom the length of the book, rather than the genre, plot, characters and other elements that make up the story, is the most important factor when selecting a book.  You know who I'm talking about...The fourteen-year-old boy who is soccer-obsessed, but would rather read Angela Johnson than Mal Peet.  The twelve-year-old super-sleuth who you just know would love The Mysterious Benedict Society, but she sticks to the shorter Enola Holmes mysteries.

Should you encourage them to expand their reading horizons?  Of course.  But what if you're in a pinch?  Thankfully, Angela Leeper has created a list of Books Under 200 Pages for just such occasions.  It's not an extensive list (20 titles under 200 page and 5 under 225), but it's a start.

Books by Harry Mazer and Dean Hughes work well with my 6th grade boys.  Gina McMurchy-Barber's Free as a Bird has also been quite popular with both my 7th grade girls who LOVE to read, and also those who avoid it like the plague.  What other titles under or around 200 pages do you recommend?

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