Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hunger Games Camp: The Training Center

Once we finished the Reaping, it was time to board the train to the Capitol (read: head outside) and make our way to the Training Center.  Here, tributes were given ~15 minutes to practice any of the skills they wished and then tasked with completing a timed obstacle course involving each of the skills.

The Training Center
For this activity, campers will each complete a timed obstacle course.  Campers will be given an opportunity before competition begins to practice each activity.  When the whistle sounds, each camper will go through the course one at a time.  Times will be recorded.  Points will be awarded to all participants, the fastest receiving 24 points (or however many campers there are) and the slowest receiving 1 point.

Suggested Materials:
  • 6 Traffic Cones
  • 4 Small Hula Hoops
  • 1 Medium Hula Hoop
  • 1 Large Hula Hoop
  • 1 Soccer Ball
  • 1 Soccer Net
  • 1 Baseball/Wiffleball Bat
  • 1 Football
  • 2 Jump Ropes
  • 1 Stopwatch
  • 1 Whistle

Suggested Setup: 

(Start Line marked by two cones)          BEGIN TIMER

Distance of ~10 yards                            RUN TO HOOPS

(4 Small Hula Hoops, Staggered)           HOPSCOTCH THROUGH HOOPS

(2 Jump Ropes, placed 3 feet apart)       JUMP THE DISTANCE

(4 Cones Spaced Apart)                        DRIBBLE SOCCER BALL, WEAVING THROUGH CONES

(1 Soccer Goal)                                     KICK THE BALL INTO THE GOAL

(1 Large Hula Hoop)                              HULA HOOP FOR 10 SECONDS

(1 Football)                                            THROW BALL THROUGH THE HOOP
                                                              (have someone hold the hoop up in the air)
(1 Medium Hula Hoop)

(1 Baseball/Wiffle Ball Bat)                     TRACKER JACKER ATTACK! SPIN AROUND 3x,
                                                              RUN ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE START

  • Read aloud this excerpt from the Hunger Game
(page 93) “The actual training rooms are below ground level of our building. With these elevators, the ride is less than a minute. The doors open into an enormous gymnasium filled with various weapons and obstacle courses…As soon as we join the circle, the head trainer, a tall, athletic woman named Atala steps up and begins to explain the training schedule. Experts in each skill will remain at their stations. We will be free to travel from area to area as we choose, per our mentor's instructions. Some of the stations teach survival skills, others fighting techniques. We are forbidden to engage in any combative exercise with another tribute. There are assistants on hand if we want to practice with a partner.”
  • Give campers 15-20 minutes to try each station.  Counselors should provide assistance as needed
  • Blow the whistle to bring everyone together for evaluation
  • One at a time, have campers go through the obstacle course
  • Award points to all participants, the fastest receiving 24 points (or however many campers there are) and the slowest receiving 1 point.

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