Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's Here! OverDrive App for Nook

For some reason, people assume that librarians (as a collective) dislike ereaders or find them to be a threat their personal livelihoods.  I don't.  I own one.  It's Nook Color that I bought back in 2010.  And I love it. I still buy and checkout "regular" books, but ereading gives more flexibility (I especially love it when travelling).  I love my ereader so much that I got a grant last fall to buy 10 Nook Colors to circulate to my students.  And this fall, we rolled out OverDrive, which allows students who have their own ereaders to check out ebooks from our collection.

And now I have one more reason to love ereading: the OverDrive Nook App.  I downloaded it last Friday and was instantly smitten.  It's so easy to use.

Things I Love About the OverDrive Nook App:

  • No more needing Adobe Editions!
  • No more downloading to my computer and then transferring to the Nook!  
  • I can access my library's ebook collection from anywhere, as long as I have internet!
  • You can search for OverDrive libraries near you based on your zip code!
  • You can save library card information (for multiple libraries) and never have to log in again!
  • You can request for results to only show ePub!

Over the weekend I read Wendelin Van Draanen's The Running Dream via the OverDrive app.  The only thing that bothered me was that there was a 2-3 second lag time between chapters because each chapter was loaded individually.  This was particularly noticeable because chapters in The Running Dream are 1-4 pages long.  It probably wouldn't be as noticeable if there were longer chapters (I'll have to experiment with other books).  Plus, I'm kinda spoiled by how wonderfully the Nook Color handles page turns.  So smooth and swipey! If I had to deal with the flashing and slowness of eInk, like on the standard Kindle or Nook, I would probably hate ereading.  I'm an ereading elitist that way.

Bottom line: If you have a Nook, download this app.  You will love it!

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