Friday, October 26, 2012

Kid Lit Inspired Children's Parties

Okay, fine.  You got me. This isn't a post about YA lit.  It's about children's lit.  Forgive me.  This may happen again too.  Just get used to it.

Anyway, I'm a faithful reader of Apartment Therapy, and just last week there was a post about Book-Inspired Kids Parties!  I can't decide whether my favorite is The Lorax party (for it's excellent use of color and recycling game) or The Very Hungry Caterpillar (for how the food coordinated with the book and the cute cupcakes).  Which one is your favorite?

If I threw a kid lit party, I think it would definitely be an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party.  Is that too cliche? Well I don't care!  I saw/interacted with this amazing exhibit at the (not-yet-opened) Story Museum in Oxford this summer.  And now I want to throw my own party.

Trying on the mad hatter's hat at the Tea with Alice exhibit.
Is this an awesome set up or what?

A dog (or maybe rabbit?) hat.  And a "Drink Me" mug.
Which they don't sell.
I wish they did.
 If you threw a kid lit party, what would your theme be?

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  1. Love it. The room looks awesome.

    For me, if someone threw a Phantom Tollbooth party, I'd crash it in a second :)

    Jon, Children's Book Insider

    1. I would totally crash that party. In a second.

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