Thursday, November 8, 2012

Great Books Giveaway!

Librarians: Does your library suffer from outdated collection syndrome?  Need to freshen up the collection but don't have the funds?

(or if you are a YA reader, and not a librarian: Are you disappointed in your library's collection?  Talk to your librarian and get him/her to...)

Enter YALSA's Great Books Giveaway!

Every year, publishers send YALSA over 1,000 materials for selection committee review.  At the end of the year, they need to make space for the next year's materials.  But what to do with all the old (but really, kinda new) stuff?  Why not donate it to a library (or libraries) in need?!?!  Thus, the Great Books Giveaway!

Applications for the Great Books Giveaway are due by December 1st and are judged on a variety need-based factors.  Full criteria and guidelines are on the website.  Don't delay!

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