Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blogs to Watch: GreenBeanTeenQueen and Bookshelves of Doom

After I wrote my first "Blogs to Watch" post last week I realized that I don't "watch" is the proper terminology.  How on earth does one "watch" a blog?  But it felt pushy to say "Blogs to Read" or "Blogs to Follow."  I need better words. "Blogs to Check Out?"  Or the punnier, "Library Blogs to Check Out" or "Book Blogs to Check Out."  I don't know.  Anyway...on with the cool blogs!

The blogger behind GreenBeanTeenQueen is a youth services librarian who is just finishing up a year as a member of the Printz selection committee.  Because of her committee work, her blog has had a bit of a different focus for the past year, but I've enjoyed her past YA content and am looking forward to a return of her blogging about new YA titles.

Bookshelves of Doom:
This is one of the first blogs I started following back in 2008, when I was studying for my MLIS.  Probably anyone reading my blog already knows about hers, but it's one of my favorites, so I wanted to share the love.  What first attracted me to Bookshelves was that Leila did mostly short posts and had a fun, not-so-serious vibe.  Some people take blogging and book reviewing too seriously.  She strikes a great balance between intelligent and witty commentary.  And I like her taste in books.  And her cat stories.  She also writes content for Kirkus, which is neat and something I'd love to be considered cool enough to do one day.  A girl can dream...

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  1. I will probably never stop having a quick moment of "Yay! I'm USEFUL!" every time someone mentions something from our class. In fact, the more time that goes on, the more these mentions mean to me. :-)

    (I love Bookshelves of Doom too!)

  2. Hey, thanks, you two!