Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Quiet Libraries, Riots in the Stacks and the Oreo Superbowl Commercial

By now you've probably already seen the Oreo "Whisper Fight" commercial that aired during the Super Bowl*:

As predicted, a bunch of librarians were all "Stop with the all the shushing librarian stereotypes!" But I didn't mind that part.  It was the library destruction that made me shake my head.  How could they?!?! That poor library!  Thankfully, the company that produced the ad is library friendly, or I'd have to call the ALA's "library abuse" division.

And for the record, I prefer the cookie to the creme.  But they wouldn't be Oreos if not for the beautiful marriage of the two.

*The game was on at my house, but I confess I was more interested in the spinach dip than the television...even during commercials.  I didn't see this until Monday night after everyone was already probably over talking about it.

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