Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rare Library of Congress Opportunity

Recognizing that most folks who read this blog don't live in the DC area and won't be able to plan a visit to the Library of Congress on such short notice (sorry!), I wanted to ever-so-quickly promote this amazing opportunity that the Washington Post has alerted me to:  On Monday, February 18th, the Library of Congress is having their spring open house from 10am-3pm!  What that means is that visitors will be able to enter (not just look into) the Main Reading Room...AND they can take photographs...AND they get a chance to see rare items, including a handwritten draft of the Emancipation Proclamation AND Lincoln's first inaugural address and the bible on which Lincoln (and Obama) took their oaths of office.  Crazy, right?!?!

I am sooooo there.

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  1. Did you go? That would be so awesome to actually get into the reading room! I would have thought everything would be closed on President's Day.

  2. I did go! It was awesome. I'm going to post about my visit later this week (possibly Thursday).