Thursday, March 7, 2013

SLJ Battle of the Kids Books: Meet the Contenders

The start of School Library Journal's Battle of the Kids Books is just days away.  Before we get into the grueling face-offs, BoB is giving each book a chance to introduce itself.  And in the most adorable way possible: with introductory blurbs written by student readers, in the voice of the book. Holy wow!

I loved these books before.  And now they have personalities.  Written by witty teens and pre-teens.  Who is their English teacher? Give that (wo)man or those (wo)men a raise.  Pronto.  Seriously.  It's a pretty serious writing task to personify a book.  And these are the bees knees.

Check it:

Contenders Speak Day 1 (Can you believe a 6th grader wrote the TFIOS blurb!?!?)
Contenders Speak Day 2 (...and the little book people that go along with each blurb!?!?)
Contenders Speak Day 3 (...those little book people! and more quality writing. What's not to love?)

Just a small taste of the icons.
Update!  Today has brought about Contenders Speak Day 4!

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