Friday, March 15, 2013

SLJ BoB: Endangered vs. Three Times Lucky

Boom! Roasted.  Guess Ms. Turnage's book wasn't that lucky after all.  I think maybe what gave Endangered the advantage was the creepy extra set of arms. (What is going on there?)

Wow.  That was uncharacteristically mean of me. I'm sorry.  I'm in a feisty mood.  It's Friday.  It's a dress down day at school, and I'm headed to a Capitol Choices meeting, which means that I'll get out of my library for the day and talk books with some of the DC area's finest librarians.

But before I go, I must post a video that will see Three Times Lucky off into the sunset.  Figuring out today's video was harder than anticipated.  Ben Fold's The Luckiest doesn't fit.  Nor does Jason Mraz or Cobie Calliat's Lucky.  Or Frank Sinatra's Luck Be a Lady.  So this one is coming totally out of left field.  I hadn't heard it before today.  I give you Larry Norman's Unlucky.

Today's match-up (which the results have probably already been posted about, but I haven't seen them) puts The Fault in Our Stars against Temple Grandin.  Sorry Temple, I think you're going down.

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  1. Alicia! Why did I not connect that you are LibrarYAn? I was so bummed to miss Capitol Choices yesterday. (At the last minute, my branch manager asked me to work and be PIC for the day. I should have had the gumption to say No. Sigh.) Anyway, love your songs for the battle! And I was rooting for Lucky, too...

  2. Yup, it's me! I love the BoB. Since I certainly can't critique better than the judges, I figure I'll just add some musical accompaniment.