Sunday, January 18, 2009

Review in…Three? Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Most mothers pass on to their daughters denim blue eyes or thick brown hair, but the Scarborough women pass on the family curse: teenage pregnancy, insanity and enslavement to a demon lover. Raped on her prom night, Lucy is in a race against the clock to break the curse, a mission: Impossible. Despite magical elements, this fast-paced and engrossing novel reads like realistic fiction and suspense.

(Yes, the plot sounds bizarre, and it is. But then you read it, and it's awesome! To break the curse she has to complete three "impossible" tasks as outlined in the song Scarborough Fair. How cool is that? Seriously.)

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  1. So now you know why I was recommending this as an anti-readalike to Breaking Dawn: the female protagonist chooses the genuinely good guy, and together with him, she takes charge of her situation and kicks some butt. Also, we get a hint that having a baby at age 18 can be really hard work.

    (Not that I even vaguely think every book has to, you know, Model Positive Behavior or even Be Vaguely Realistic. I like Twilight. But after reading a lot of Twilight, I like some Impossible now and then too.)