Saturday, January 10, 2009

RIP Alaska Young: Alaska Young Memorial Day

I kid you not. It's an actual Facebook* event!

Nerdfighters, unite today to celebrate the memory and mourn the loss of Alaska Young, who made it out of the labyrinth. For those not in the know, Alaska Young is Miles' elusive crush in John Green's debut novel, Looking For Alaska, for which he received the Printz medal.

Damn, John Green. You certainly do a have knack with the high school ladies (over 1,800 of whom have RSVP'd to attend). I doubt that to have been the case when you were actually in high school, but my, how you've grown into yourself. I picture your 16 year old self giving you a massive high five. Bravo.

* or as my mother calls it, "Spacebook" know, as in Spacebook and MyFace. She's precious.

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