Sunday, March 29, 2009

March April Madness: SLJ's Battle of the Books

As March Madness continues and sports fans across the nation anxiously watch their NCAA brackets go down the toilet* booklovers can celebrate the triumph of real Cinderella stories (and similarly mourn the losses) in School Library Journal's Battle of the Books, which pits 16 of last year's best books against each other to see which is "the baddest of them all."

Seeing as books themselves can't really battle it out on the court, a panel of all-star authors have been chosen to select the winners. Titles encompass a readership from upper elementary through high school, which makes it interesting, but also difficult to choose a winner. On what merits is a book judged? Can Jon Sciezka's vote be bought? And does The Porcupine Year stand a chance against The Hunger Games?

The first round of the tournament begins the week of April 13th. If it were up to me, The Hunger Games would trounce everyone, but alas, while I think it will make it safely to Round 2, I'm predicting John Green to pass The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks onto Round 3. I suppose only time will tell. Pick your favorites and follow along on the SLJ blog.

* My bracket had Pittsburgh winning the tournament, and they lost in the Elite Eight to Villanova. Darn.

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