Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twilight Zone: Comic Relief

Sure, you could spend a whole weekend devouring all of the books in the Twilight saga. But if you're not so predisposed to that idea, you can check out this comic by artist/author Lucy Knisley where one reluctant Twi-hard who did the above kindly distills her experience and then summarizes the four-book saga into a quick (an amazingly accurate and thorough!) 16 panels. Impressive.

Seeing it boiled down almost makes me wish for those hours spent reading back, and most assuredly makes me more than embarassed at proclaiming to a room full of people "I would leave my husband for Edward Cullen*." But who am I kidding? Those were some good angsty hours. Except for most of Breaking Dawn; I'll take those hours back any day.

Thanks (again) to Fuse #8 for the link.

* It should be noted that this was immediately after reading the first book and that my husband was travelling extensively for work and I probably hadn't seen him in about a month. I was sad and lonely, and Edward was my only hope.

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  1. That was seriously milk-shooting-out-my-nose funny.