Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Kat Fight That Wasn't

I had big plans for a Friday post entitled Kat Fight, but alas, Nancy Werlin has ruined those best laid plans. Sadly, Kristin Cashore's Graceling has fallen to Candace Fleming's The Lincolns in SLJ's Battle of the Books. So, instead of a Katniss (Hunger Games) / Katsa (Graceling) showdown, it'll be Katniss against Abe and Mary. Katniss was able to take down a whole field of stronger, better conditioned contenders in The Hunger Games though, so I have faith her to pull through once again. Cris Crutcher better not mess this one up.


  1. I hate to be a front runner but if Hunger Games doesn't clean up I'll be sad. though I'm super biased as I've not read many of the other ones.

  2. I was sad that Graceling got knocked out, too. Though the judge really made me want to read The Lincolns... I'd be surprised if Hunger Games doesn't advance, though. I think the tougher match is going to be the Octavian Nothing vs. Chains one...