Tuesday, April 21, 2009

'Tis the Season to Go Prom-ing (or Not)!

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, teenagers across the country are thinking about one thing . . . summer vacation. But before they can get there, there's prom.

Back in the 90s, when yours truly was a senior in high school, I couldn't wait for prom. I wasn't in the popular crowd*, but my ragtag group of drama and band geeks, who, at the time were obsessed with Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion (oh, who am I kidding, we still are!), successfully lobbied enough of the other geeks and nerds to vote Cindy Lauper's Time After Time as our prom theme. Prom would also be my first (and only) time that I attended a school dance with a boy NOT as "just friends." I bought a fantastic Cinderella-like baby blue gown and long white gloves. I got my hair and nails done. I danced the night away, and I had so much fun.

Of course, not everyone's prom goes that well. YA literature is full of hilarious prom mishaps like Mitch's peeing on his white tuxedo in Steven Goldman's Two Parties, One Tux and a Very Short Film About the Grapes of Wrath. And of course, no one ever had a worse prom than Stephen King's Carrie. Maybe that's why some folks - seemingly an increasing number - don't even go to prom. And for these reasons, John Green proposes that we get rid of prom.

Much ado is made about prom and love it or hate it, prom is something quintessentially American. In honor of prom, the YALSA blog brings us this fabulous post all about prom, with a little bit of history, a few links to help teens prepare to celebrate safely (whether attending the school-hosted party or an alternative prom), and of course, a list of YA novels about prom.

Of course, no prom post would be complete without movies! Afterall, what American girl hasn't seen Pretty in Pink and from that moment hoped for a guy like Blane and a friend like Duckie? There are tons of movies about prom. Elle brings you their top ten, while Gurl.com helps you find one to suit your mood.

And before I go, against my better judgement, but recognizing that you can't post about how you loved your prom and then not post any pictures. . .

It's the only one I could find on short notice, and I had to crop extensively to protect the innocent, but there I am. I have no idea where my gloves got off to, but those suckers came all the way to my elbows.

* Did you ever notice how no one ever claims to have been popular in high school? Somebody must've been popular, right? I assure you, it wasn't me.

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