Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Countdown to the Cybils!

In just under three short hours, nominations for the Cybils - the Children's and Young Adult Book Blogger Awards - will begin! This year's categories include:

Fiction Picture Books
Easy Readers
Middle Grade Fiction
Young Adult Fiction
Graphic Novels
Middle Grade Science Fiction/Fantasy*
Young Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy*
Nonfiction Picture Books
Middle Grade and Young Adult Nonfiction

Nominations open at 12:01am and will be open until October 15th. Any book published between last year's contest and this year's contest is eligible. Anyone can submit a nomination, but you may nominate only one title per category and each title can be nominated only once per category (which basically means that if you desperately want to be the person that nominates Catching Fire, you best be logged on at 12:01!).

I'm particularly excited about this year's Cybils because I am a panel judge for the Middle Grade and Young Adult Nonfiction category! As a middle school librarian, I think this is the perfect category for me and I can't wait to dive right in and get reading. What this means for me, is that I'll be reading as many nominated titles as possible for that category between October 15th and the new year. What that means for you is that I'll be posting reviews of a LOT of Middle Grade and Young Adult Nonfiction titles between now and the new year. This is my first book award panel and I am super-pumped to get reading come October 15th.

So make sure to head on over and nominate your favorite titles!

* These two were formerly one category, but due to growth in the number of science fiction/fantasy books written for these groups AND the popularity of this category, it's been split into two separate categories this year!

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