Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Twilight Zone: A Makeover for Wuthering Heights

Back in the spring I posted about the abundance of teenage girls coming to the reference desk looking for literary criticism on Wuthering Heights, a book which many of them decided to give a whirl after becoming infatuated with Edward Cullen Twilight.

Well, it seems that Harper noticed this trend as well, and went ahead and redid the cover for Wuthering Heights, modeling it after the Twilight covers*. Inevitably, when a book turns into a movie, the publisher goes ahead and makes a hideous movie tie-in cover that nobody likes and everyone wishes would go away so that they could buy the "real" cover. The new cover for Wuthering Heights may actually be the first classic novel to be "recovered" NOT because it was made into a film, but because it is the favorite book of a character in best-selling book/wildly popular movie.

I personally find the "Bella and Edward's favorite book!" a bit demeaning to be stamped on the cover of a classic work of literature. And Leila over at Bookshelves of Doom wisely pointed out that, contrary to the cover's claim, Edward does not like Wuthering Heights. But, I suppose you can't have Bella without Edward, right? And I have no doubt this cover will sell copies of Wuthering Heights like never before. I am anticipating large book displays of all the Twilight titles/merchandise and this version of Wuthering Heights to be unveiled in November in anticipation of the New Moon movie release and the Christmas shopping season. It will be the go-to gift for teenagers whose parents are desperately hoping their children will read classics outside of school.

*There's a UK version that's similarly Twilighty as well.

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