Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Book Award Update Part 3: The Cybils

There are so many books out there, and so many new ones published each year, each with a cover and jacket summary prettier and more intriguing than the next. So how do know what to put at the top of your "to be read" pile? Enter book awards! The panelists/judges for these awards read through scores of books to find the best of the best, so you can focus your reading time on books that truly deserve your attention.

And so, I bring to you Part Three in the Book Award Update mini-series...

Cybils: The Cybils are the Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards. Now in their fourth year, the Cybils seek to honor books that have both child/teen appeal and literary quality. Nominations for this year's Cybils closed on October 15th. Now it's up to the first-round judges (I am one for the MG/YA Nonfiction category) to read as much as possible between now and the new year and create a shortlist of roughly 7-10 titles to pass on to the finalist judges. From that shortlist, comes one winner in each of seven categories, to be announced on Valentine's Day.

Stay tuned to this blog to read reviews on Cybils MG/YA Nonfiction nominees!

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