Thursday, December 3, 2009

Feed the Hunger: Third Hunger Games Book to Release in August!


I am so excited about this that it's kinda hard to sit still.

Scholastic announced today that the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy will be released on August 24, 2010!

I was fortunate enough to get two ARCs of Catching Fire at last year's BEA, one of which I raffled off to a lucky reader. I can only hope that Scholastic decides to put out ARCs again and that I am a recipient. Fingers crossed!

And now I'm off to squee and read as many articles about it as I can find.


  1. Can't wait for book three! I wonder if there will be ARC. One of two things has to happen. 1) If there are ARC I GOT to get one 2) there are no ARC and everyone has to wait!


  2. Ah, I remember that giveaway. I was so nervous because I really wanted San to win, so...yeah. I was counting that thing using tallies until midnight. :)