Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If Only I'd Married a Librarian...

We would've totally sent out these "Save the Date" cards...or maybe these...or even these.

Used stacks of our favorite books as centerpieces.

Put these little figurines atop our (ice cream) wedding cake.

But that's okay, because even though I didn't marry a librarian, I this will still look perfect in my office.

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  1. Ok, I really wish I would have known about that cake topper even though we had cupcakes and no topper at all! And yep, I totally put our favorite books in the middle of tables and had guests sign them instead of a guest book. And gave away bookmarks. And took a picture of me reading a book in my wedding dress. And walked down the aisle to Hedwig's theme. Librarian weddings are so much fun!:)

  2. I LOVE LIBRARIES. And books. And reading. And writing.
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  3. My husband works in politics, so we did a political rally theme for our reception. Totally should've pushed for library though. Next time. :o)

  4. Those are great finds! I love the "Save the Date" library cards!