Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quidditch: The Next Recognized NCAA Sport?

So, I inadvertently posted this elsewhere, but it belongs here...

The other day, on our way to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One*, my husband and I were talking about how different this film would be from the others: no Hogwarts, no Dumbledore, and no Quidditch!  And then he threw me for a loop and mentioned that he'd heard students at colleges and universities were pushing to have Quidditch recognized by the NCAA.  I didn't really believe him.  Then I saw this video posted at Fuse #8 this morning and read the above article.

So, I guess it's real.  And now it's getting the wheels in my head turning.  I'd already been thinking about creating and leading a week-long Hunger Games Survival Camp.  Could a Quidditch camp be another possibility?

*30 Second Film Review: I thought it was well-paced and not draggy (unlike the first half of the book).  Emma Watson was superb.  They all nailed the brief moments of comedy in an otherwise very dark film.  I especially enjoyed the seven (or however many there were) Harrys.

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