Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extra! Extra! Newsies Principal Auditions on May 2nd!

Newsies (Collector's Edition)I sure hope you're not sick of reading these Newsies updates, because I am definitely NOT sick of writing them.

Today's news: Playbill posted today for principal auditions.  The roles include Jack, Davie, Les, and Joseph Pulitzer (naturally), but who else? Katherine Plumber. Katherine Plumber? Who the heck is that?!?  Apparently, it's Joe Pulitzer's daughter.  And she's sassy.  Methinks this means the play script has dreamy leader Jack Kelly pairing up not with Davie's sister Sarah, but with Pulitzer's daughter.  Perhaps?  And what of reporter Bryan Denton? Medda "Meadowlark" Larkson?  Anybody's guess.

I knew they'd be changing the script and probably writing some new musical numbers, but I fear there's a story change in store, and I'm scared.  Don't ruin Newsies!

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  1. I am as nervous as you are. It does sound like they are making drastic changes. I will not be happy with that. (I assume the same with a lot of other Newsies fans.) This Katherine Plumber character doesn't sound good. It seems to me there is going to be this stereotypical "forbidden love" deal between Jack and Katherine. I would rather he have no love interest at all if that is what they are planning. I can see it now: Pulitzer chastising his daughter for "fraternizing with the enemy", the Newsies not trusting his judgment, blah blah blah. I also heard "High Times, Hard Times" has been omitted. That's no biggie. It's just going to significantly downsize Medda's role in the show.

  2. I'm wondering if they are planning to cut both Medda and Sarah from the show completely. I did hear that one of the original songs was being cut, so you're probably right about "High Times, Hard Times." Not a big loss. I just hope the changes are well chosen, and the addition of this Katherine character doesn't instill confidence.

  3. I think Katherine Plumber is replacing reporter Bryan Denton because somewhere I read she's based on an actual female reporter of the time, Nellie Bly who is quite impressive. And there is a Medda (Helen Anker plays her, I think).

    Honestly, I don't mind adding another female role to the show, because while I loved the musical and am a huge fan, as a female singer who'd love to one day be in the show, it'd be nice if there were a good role or two for us!

    They may just be condensing Sarah and Bryan into one character so they can create a better arc/growth for the character in Katherine. Who knows.