Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back in Business (Cards)

It's been pretty much crickets over here at LibrariYAn ever since summer/fall 2011.  [Insert excuses here.]

The point is, I de-prioritized blogging for a while, but I've decided to recommit.  I even have business cards!  It would be a sin to waste these beauties.  Just look at them:

The gorgeous, full-color front.
The understated and timeless black & white back.
Whenever I go to conferences or other professional gatherings, I always have a bunch of people ask for my card.  And I never have anything to give them.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and whip a little something on VistaPrint.  Once upon a time (back when I had time aplenty for blogging and a different address), I ordered FREE (plus shipping) business cards from them.  You don't get a ton of options, but what they offer is completely serviceable and professional-looking.  I intended to do the same this time, listing just my school information on the card.  Then I found myself wanting to have more options in terms of design.

And then I kinda went a little crazy and pretty much took them up on all of the options they offered.  Which wound up costing a few dollars.  Which made me think that since I was spending my own money, I should add my blog information.  Which made it cost a few more dollars.

What's a librarian with flashy new LibrariYAn business cards to do? Might as well blog!

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