Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kid Lit Inspired Bedrooms

Apartment Therapy seems to be all about kid lit these days. And I don't mind. Check out these awesome kid lit inspired bedrooms. Apologies to little Annamarie Mack, but I am frightened by your Goodnight Moon bedroom. Especially the eerie red balloon.  The Hogwarts room though? Me likey.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Dorm Room, A shared bedroom decorated as the Gryffindor Dorm room. Custom made beds to resemble the beds from the movie, suitcase night stands in place of a trunk, a castel stone wall., Bedrooms Design
Word to your mother. This room rocks.
Harry's actual dorm (photographed by moi
during this summer's Literary London trip).
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  1. This is AMAZING! I wish I was still young enough to get away with this style of room...maybe I still am hmmm.