Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trailer Tuesday: Gone by Michael Grant

Sometimes trailers are so good that you need to drop everything and READ! THE! BOOK!

I didn't see the trailer for Gone until a few years after the book's release.  I think I was looking for trailers of books that were Hunger Games read-alikes and came across it during my search.  I knew what Gone was about and I knew that the kids loved Gone, but I'd never read it myself.  So I watched the trailer...

And I thought it was really good!  Don't you?  For reals.

So I immediately checked the book out of the library.  And read about half of it.  And got bored.  Or busy. And never finished it.  Wop wop. Haha. Oh well.  I still put it on my list of Hunger Games read-alikes.  And the kids still love it.  And maybe one day I'll finish reading it.

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