Thursday, January 24, 2013

World Book Night is Coming! Get Involved!

World Book Night is coming up!  Have you applied to be a giver?  DO IT NOW!  I just did.

If you're not in "the know" about World Nook Night, here's a basic rundown:

On Tuesday, April 23rd, the world will celebrate books!  The love of reading will be spread by volunteers who will give away 500,000 (yes, that's half a million!) books!  You read that right.  Give away.  Share with others. No costs associated.

And now you're thinking, so how does that work?

Basically, individuals (or groups if you have a group of 10 or more willing "givers"), apply to be givers on the website.  If accepted (and most people will be, so don't be all "What if my application isn't good enough?" or "I never get chosen!"), you'll pick up a box of 20 books from your local library or bookseller the week prior to the big night.  The box will contain 20 copies of one awesome title that you selected in your application (chosen from a short, but awesome list).  Then, on World Book Night, you give them away!  You can stand on a street corner and hand them out to passers-by.  You can go to a hospital and give them to patients.  You can host an event at your library or school and give them out.

Got more questions?  Check the FAQ.

Make sure you complete the online application by the deadline: this Friday, January 25th!

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