Wednesday, April 24, 2013

30 Things to Tell a Book Snob

You can probably imagine that as a middle school librarian who reads a lot of young adult and middle grade literature both for to keep in the loop when I'm doing reader's advisory and also because I just think it's awesome, I take a lot of crap for what I read.  Not from my students.  And not from other YA lovers.  It's my friends.  They judge me.  When I give them reading suggestions (sometimes YA and sometimes regular old "adult" books, which, yes, I do still read), they routinely ignore them, because they doubt my ability to discern quality literature for an adult audience.  Some of the English teachers at my school are probably judging me too.  And you know what, that's fine.  Because I read WAY more than they do.  All of them.  And I love what I read. So there.

Then yesterday, to my defense came this wonderful list of 30 things to tell a book snob. I really like #s 5 and 30.  Because what does it matter what you're reading, as long as you're doing it, and you are enjoying it? And I don't watch trashy television, so where else am I going to get my fix?

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