Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tonight is World Book Night!

It's been a crazy week or so.  Bombings at the Boston Marathon.  An explosion in Texas. Boston and its suburbs on lockdown while a manhunt for the bomber ensued.  Thank goodness last week is over.

On to this week!  Yesterday was Earth Day.  I celebrated by reading The Man Who Planted Trees, finally putting up my Earth Week display of fiction and nonfiction titles about being good to the earth, and promoting our Earth Week Haiku contest!  And that brings us to today, or more specifically tonight, which is World Book Night!

A few months ago I applied to become a "giver" and I'll be handing out copies of John Green's Looking for Alaska in Shirlington either on the plaza area by the library or inside Samuel Beckett's, where I'll be playing trivia (depending on if I have books left to distribute when it's time for trivia to begin).  I can't wait to share my love of reading with others by handing them a favorite book of mine that they can keep and read and pass on to someone else!

Anyone else out there participating?  What book are you giving out?

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  1. How did you apply? (I tried loading the World Book Night website but it wouldn't open.)

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