Thursday, February 20, 2014

Booktalking the Best of the Best

2013 was a great year for young adult publishing.  So many amazing graphic novels, nonfiction titles, audiobooks and fiction.  But how do you separate the good from the great?  This afternoon I had the pleasure of hosting the YALSA webinar "Booktalking the Best of the Best."  In 60 minutes I yammered on about 45 of my favorite titles from 2013.  I had a great time, and aside from a minute of school announcements blasting over the loudspeaker behind me (oops!), and when the audio cut out later on for about a minute (these things happen!), it was awesome.  Enthusiastic chat comments from attendees kept me energized and we concluded with a little audiobook lovefest.  What better way to spend an hour?

If you attended the webinar and are stopping by to see what else I've got for you, welcome! If you didn't attend the webinar, but are a YALSA member, you can access a recording of the webinar here.  To access the webinar, make sure you're logged in.  If the webinar hasn't been posted yet, it should be soon.

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