Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hunger Games Camp: Hunger Games Jeopardy!

Back in the summer I posted a bunch about the activities we did at my Hunger Games camp.  These includethe Reaping, the Training CenterTarget PracticeRemake Center/Opening Ceremonies, Survival Skills and the Mini Bow and Arrow Craft.  Next up is Hunger Games Jeopardy!

This was a really great activity that we spread out over two days as one of our last activities of the day.  After spending the mornings of camp running around like crazy folk (hula hooping in the training center, playing Capture the Flag, etc.), I tried to schedule less physically taxing activities for the afternoon.  Trivia fit the bill.

Our trivia was played in teams of 3-4 and was Jeoprady! style (using all the same point values, rules and daily double opportunities).  In advance I spent way too much time creating two rounds of questions (plus a final wager round) in PowerPoint.  I projected the PowerPoint through an LCD projector onto a large screen.  I had originally purchased little hand-clapper toys for the campers to use to "buzz" in, but that created a crazy loud and almost uncontrollable environment, so we switched to just raising hands.  Just like in Jeopardy, campers had to wait until the question was read aloud in full (though they could see it on the screen too).

Unfortunately, I'm not able to post the PowerPoint with the questions here (because I just don't know how!).  I thought I'd be able to, but it seems not.  If you are interested in having me email you the files, just send me an email.

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