Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bookish Buys: Birds on Books

Maybe you hadn't realized this yet, but in addition to being a librariYAn I'm a librarian.  People always think of librarians as people who live in houses filled to the brim with books.  And it's true that I own a lot of books.  But not because I buy them.  People give them to me as gifts.  Publishers provide ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of upcoming release titles for free at conferences.  Some publishers even mail them right to my house!  I get almost all of my other books from the library.  Rarely do I purchase a book.  I do, however, spend a good amount of money on what I refer to as "bookish buys."  Bookish buys are book-related purchases, like my antique card catalog or bookish art, like this:

image courtesy
image courtesy
My most recent bookish buy comes to me by way of Etsy.  It was probably about two years ago when I first spied the beautiful work of Laura Sue, whose shop, Contemporary Earth Art, features original pieces and prints that incorporate natural elements.  I favorited several of her pieces and then never did anything about it.  Until yesterday.  That's when I bought 8x10 prints of the two featured above.  I am just pacing the floor waiting for their arrival.  Aren't they awesome?  I love the use of the sea-foamy and turquoisey accents.  And those little birds? Don't you just want to snuggle them?

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