Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bookish Buys: Spineless Classics

Every book lover I know has bookcases filled to the brim with their favorite titles.  Many bibliophiles also enjoy framing and displaying their favorite quotes on the wall.  But what if you could hang not just a quote, but the entire book on your wall?  Enter Spineless Classics.

image via http://www.spinelessclassics.com.au/

This Australian company puts the entire text of your favorite novel on one artfully designed print.

image via http://www.spinelessclassics.com.au/
Whether you're a classic kinda reader of the Pride and Prejudice ilk, or a more modern Harry Potter enthusiast, there's one to suit your tastes.  Classics. Nonfiction. Children's. Religious books. There is quite a selection.

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